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Mainstreaming Distributive Justice Into Resources Management In Nigeria

MAINSTREAMING DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE INTO RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN NIGERIA: THE EXTENT OF THE PETROLEUM INDUSTRY ACT 2021 Abstract: The distribution of petroleum resources has always been an issue of serious controversy in the Nigerian state under the previous petroleum regime. Thus, this paper examined the extent to which the newly enacted Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) 2021 […]

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Safeguarding Intellectual Property Rights In The Era Of Social Media

SAFEGUARDING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS IN THE ERA OF SOCIAL MEDIA: CHALLENGES AND STRATEGIES FOR BUSINESSES IN NIGERIA. Introduction: The emergence of social media has remarkably redefined human interactions, making communication more interactive and immediate. With platforms such as Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn ingrained in our daily lives, individuals can now instantly share […]

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Data Privacy Considerations for Artificial Intelligence Systems Use in Nigeria: The Nigeria Data Protection Act (2023) in Focus

DATA PRIVACY CONSIDERATIONS FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS USE IN NIGERIA: THE NIGERIA DATA PROTECTION ACT (2023) IN FOCUS 1. Introduction: Artificial  Intelligence (AI) is rapidly altering the mode and manner of human and business interactions in the world, with its applications present in virtually every industry and sector ranging from financial to health, real estate, […]