Simbiat Okwilague

Executive Assoicate

Simbiat Okwilague

Simbiat is an Associate in the firms Litigation/ADR practice group. She is a hardworking young lawyer with a passion for excellence. She is a self-motivated, problem-solving resourceful lawyer with a strong skill set.

Her practice area cuts across all legal fields including corporate commercial law, litigation and ADR. She conducts legal research on cases and writes articles to be reviewed for publishing on the firm’s website. She is in charge of tracking and reviewing the bills as they progress through the Senate House of Assembly thereby knowing when a bill becomes an Act. She is a very passionate lawyer who advises on areas such as, but not limited to company formation, corporate restructuring, litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

She works closely with senior members of the firm in both the litigation and corporate commercial teams and carries out each task assigned to her with due diligence.

She is a result driven lawyer who is a dedicated team player, prompt and success driven.

● University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom (BA, Hons)
● Nigeria Law School, Bwari, Abuja (BL, Hons)

● Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)
● Young Lawyers Forum

● Corporate & Commercial Practice
● Dispute Resolution Practise
● Litigation
● Legal Advisory

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