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Addressing E-Waste From The Electrical And Electronic Sector: An Analysis Of Extant Law And Regulation

ADDRESSING E-WASTE FROM THE ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC SECTOR: AN ANALYSIS OF EXTANT LAW AND REGULATION INTRODUCTION Electrical and Electronic Equipment (“EEE”) has become increasingly popular in Nigeria in the wake of burgeoning technological advancements. The proliferation of EEE has soared, positively impacting human lives even in the most remote areas. Thereby, enhancing connectivity and convenience […]

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Leveraging Technology to Promote Employee Well-being and Productivity; Best Practices, Legal Aspects, and Go-Forward Strategies

LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY TO PROMOTE EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING AND PRODUCTIVITY; BEST PRACTICES, LEGAL ASPECTS, AND GO-FORWARD STRATEGIES. INTRODUCTION An employee’s well-being is an important consideration and challenge for organizations because good well-being extends beyond a comfortable office environment. The employee’s well-being reflects the office environment and its influence on the mental and physical health of the employee. […]

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Enhancing Transparency And Accountability In The Extractive Industries: A Review Of The Eiti Standards 2023

ENHANCING TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY IN THE EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRIES: A REVIEW OF THE EITI STANDARDS 2023 INTRODUCTION Axiomatically, some countries with humongous levels of energy resources are bedevilled with an excruciating level of poverty, energy deficit problems, deteriorating environment, and corruption to the extent that researchers have termed them as resource-cursed. Academics, political analysts, legal scholars […]

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 Nigeria Data Protection Commission (Ndpc) Compliance Audit Returns (“Cars”) Alert

NIGERIA DATA PROTECTION COMMISSION (NDPC) COMPLIANCE AUDIT RETURNS (“CARs”) GUIDANCE NOTICE ALERT The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) in November 2023, published a Guidance Notice concerning annual Data Protection Compliance Audit Returns. The filing of Annual Data Protection Compliance Audit Returns is an obligation for data controllers and processors under the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation […]

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Cross Border Data Transfer: Navigating Compliance Under Nigeria’s Data Protecting Act 2023.

CROSS BORDER DATA TRANSFER: NAVIGATING COMPLIANCE UNDER NIGERIA’S DATA PROTECTION ACT 2023 It is without peradventure that the nature of technology use has occasioned a near borderless global society as personal data flows in trillions of bytes across borders. The recently enacted Nigeria Data Protection Act (the Act) 2023, occasioned a modification of the data […]

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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) And Trademark Infringement: Real-World IP Rights in the Virtual Space: Art, Technology, and the Law?

NON-FUNGIBLE TOKENS (NFTS) AND TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT: REAL-WORLD IP RIGHTS IN THE VIRTUAL SPACE: ART, TECHNOLOGY, AND THE LAW? From the Bored Apes collection to Jack Dorsey’s auctioned Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) of his first-ever tweet, “just setting up my twttr”, which sold for over US$2.9 million, the creation and sale of NFTs is one that took […]


Data Privacy and Data Protection Law in Nigeria

ABSTRACT The transformational value of data in today’s world cannot be overemphasised. The right to data privacy and protection is an internationally guaranteed right, which enjoys protection universally. Data protection is the process of safeguarding important information from corruption, compromise or loss. The importance of data protection increases as the amount of data created and […]