ALAN 2020 First Quarter Learning Session: “Law Firm Project Management & Facility Management”

On February 22, 2020, our Practice Director; Mrs. Ebele Iyayi ACIPM delivered a presentation on Law Firm Project Management & Facility Management during the first quarterly learning session of the Association of Law Firms Administrators of Nigeria (ALAN), in 2020. The training which was titled “Law Firm Practice Management: Our significant Role” and it held at Banwo & Ighodalo offices at Ikoyi, Lagos State.

Ebele Iyayi stressed that Legal Project Management was a vital key to profitability, cost containment and process improvement. she further explained the five stages of Legal Project Management and noted that each stage was vital to the success of any project.

The stages are: –

  • Initiation (Pre-planning) Stage
  • Planning Stage
  • Execution Stage
  • Monitoring and Control Stage
  • Evaluation Stage (Project Close)

On Facility Management, she explained that it is very important for Organisations, Institutions and Individuals to take the professional management discipline of Facility Management with utmost seriousness in order to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the organizations’ facilities which affects the people, place, process and technology. It improves the quality of life of the people and productivity of the core business. Facility Management can be outsourced based on the size of the facility, number of sites, complexity, expertise and costs. If you must outsource, you must control the external providers.

Other topics delivered at the session were: attracting and retaining talent, performance management; billing as a driver of profitability/the art of billing; and business development: Law Firm lead generation tools, technology as a driver of revenue growth.

In conclusion, the session was well attended and highly impactful one.

Below are photo images of the ALAN 2020 first quarterly learning session learning session.

Ebele Iyayi during her presentation titled “Law Firm Project Management & Facility Management”

Ebele Iyayi during her presentation titled “Law Firm Project Management & Facility Management”

facilitators at the training session

cross section view of participants and ALAN members

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