Alliance Law Firm Holds Roundtable Event on the Creative Industry in Nigeria

Alliance Law Firm is pleased to present to you the first installment in her Creative Nigeria Series – The Alliance Law Firm Roundtable titled: “Financing and Protecting the Creative Industry in Nigeria: The Film Sector in Focus”

With the Nigerian entertainment industry becoming a global standard, and a pacesetter of the arts in Africa, there is need to focus dearly on this sector of the economy. The Federal Government realized the importance of this and in a bid to emphasize the importance of the creative industry, it granted pioneer status for services in it. In all of these, the sector still faces some challenges such as finance and piracy.

This Roundtable will attend to some questions of how the dearth of funding opportunities in the Film sector has impacted Nollywood, which is a significant employer of talent and means of poverty alleviation, and foreign exchange earner for the country; as well as the opportunities that now exist for Entrepreneurs such as Film Makers, Producers and Distributors to access funding in the sector. Also, the way forward on the copyright theft of the thespians will be discussed.

This Roundtable event is also billed to address the way forward for this sector. In view of this, the firm has assembled veterans in the entertainment industry particularly Nollywood, the Bank of Industry, finance experts and other notable persons to discuss these issues.

Join the conversation by following us on the live stream on our Facebook page: Alliance Law Firm and Instagram page: alliance_lawfirm by 10:30am, Friday 23rd August, 2019.

It promises to be a great event!

Below are posters in support of this claim.

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